County of Los Angeles

Long v. County of Los Angeles (Oct. 30, 2012, No. B229173) 2012 WL 5335311 [nonpublished opinion]

Plaintiff, a former employee of GMSR’s client, County of Los Angeles, sought reimbursement of attorney’s fees he allegedly incurred in assisting in the County’s defense of litigation. The trial court found that he was required to comply with the Claims Act and failed to do

Apr 16, 2012 Anti-SLAPP Law
Williams v. County of Los Angeles (Apr. 16, 2012, B229683) 2012 WL 1260163 [nonpublished opinion]

“Plaintiff was a lay advocate, representing public employees before the Civil Service Commission. After the Commission banned him from appearing before it and its hearing officers for disruptive behavior, plaintiff sued multiple parties, including the Commission, the County of Los Angeles, and a former fire

Dec 06, 2011 Government Liability
Flores v. County of Los Angeles (Dec. 6, 2011, B224903) 2011 WL 6040075 [nonpublished opinion]

Wrongful death theory barred based on noncompliance with government claim statute

Ruttlen v. County of Los Angeles (Mar. 30, 2011, B223345) 2011 WL 1138420 [nonpublished opinion]

In a prior appeal, the court affirmed the trial court’s grant of the anti-SLAPP motion filed by GMSR’s client, the County of Los Angeles, and remanded the case for an award of fees to the County. After the briefing on the fee motion was ostensibly

Shah v. County of Los Angeles (9th Cir. 2010) 399 Fed.Appx. 305

The Ninth Circuit issued its opinion in Shah v. County of Los Angeles, et al., affirming a judgment in favor of our client, County of Los Angeles. In addition to affirming dismissal of the plaintiff’s employment discrimination claims, the Ninth Circuit also affirmed the district

Jul 27, 2010 Government Liability
Arellano v. County of Los Angeles (July 27, 2010, No. B213224) 2010 WL 2905954 [nonpublished opinion]

County immunity for failing to provide medication for panic attacks during plaintiff’s less-than-daylong detention in jail

Jul 21, 2009 Healthcare Law
Corrales v. County of Los Angeles (July 21, 2009, B207469) 2009 WL 2152909 [nonpublished opinion]

Plaintiff, a professional boxer, suffered permanent injury to his right hand following allegedly negligent medical surgery by County doctors in September 2002. The primary question on appeal was whether there was substantial evidence to support the jury’s finding that plaintiff had not timely complied with

Jul 01, 2009 Anti-SLAPP Law
Ruttlen v. County of Los Angeles (July 1, 2009, B208715) 2009 WL 1875266 [nonpublished opinion]

Anti-SLAPP law covers public officials’ statements to press and Board of Supervisors; protected by official-duty, official proceeding and common-interest privileges

Dec 10, 2008 Government Liability
Myles v. County of Los Angeles (Dec. 10, 2008, B198174) 2008 WL 5159892 [nonpublished opinion]

GMSR obtained a decision affirming a nonsuit for the defendant County and its employees. The plaintiff claimed that two deputy sheriffs shot him unlawfully, but the Court of Appeal agreed with the trial court that he failed to produce sufficient evidence identifying the defendant-deputies. On

Jan 24, 2008 Civil Procedure
Moore v. County of Los Angeles (Jan. 24, 2008, B189274) 2008 WL 192294 [nonpublished opinion]

Sexual harassment action – juror misconduct and evidentiary errors

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