Apr 16, 2012 Anti-SLAPP Law
Williams v. County of Los Angeles (Apr. 16, 2012, B229683) 2012 WL 1260163 [nonpublished opinion]

“Plaintiff was a lay advocate, representing public employees before the Civil Service Commission. After the Commission banned him from appearing before it and its hearing officers for disruptive behavior, plaintiff sued multiple parties, including the Commission, the County of Los Angeles, and a former fire chief, claiming, among other things, that they had violated his civil rights. The trial court granted defendants’ motion to strike the complaint as a SLAPP under Code of Civil Procedure section 425.16. Division Five of the Second District Court of Appeal, affirmed, agreeing with GMSR that the defendants had met their burden under the anti-SLAPP statute because all of the defendants’ conduct occurred during and/or in connection with official proceedings, and plaintiff had failed to show he was likely to prevail on the merits of his claims.

Update 11/08/2012:In a follow-up appeal of the fees awarded to the County, plaintiff simply asked the Court of Appeal to reconsider its ruling on the merits of the underlying anti-SLAPP motion. The Court affirmed the fee award. Link to 11/08/2012 opinion: Williams v. County of Los Angeles (Nov. 8, 2012, B234100) 2012 WL 5448462 [nonpublished opinion]

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