GMSR vigorously advocates for individual plaintiffs and defendants, in both state and federal appellate courts.  GMSR also advises trial counsel before and during trial on how to create the best record possible to prosecute or defend any subsequent appeal.

Breadth of Experience

GMSR’s vast range of appellate experience covers virtually every field of client interest – including, for example:

  • Family Law.  GMSR represents former spouses on appeal as to dissolution, support and property-division issues, and in writ proceedings regarding important pre-judgment matters such as discovery, temporary support, pre-marital agreements and child custody.
  • Trusts and Estates.  GMSR represents trustors, trustees, executors, and beneficiaries on appeal and in writ proceedings involving issues arising in probate court, including interpretation of wills and trusts, and breaches of fiduciary duty.
  • Business.  GMSR provides appellate advice and advocacy for individuals in all types of business disputes, including contract breaches, partnership breakups, corporate dissolutions, and wrongful interference with business relationships.
  • Real Property.  GMSR’s experience runs the gamut of real property matters, including property line, easement, zoning, and sales disputes.
  • Intellectual Property.  GMSR represents individuals on appeals and in writ proceedings involving copyright, trademark, trade secret and royalty disputes.
  • Torts.  GMSR handles appeals and writ proceedings in (for example) fraud, defamation, personal injury, negligence, and professional malpractice cases.
When The Stakes Are High

GMSR advocates for individuals facing legal uncertainty, both during and after trial court litigation.  The firm has a strong track record on appeal and in writ proceedings involving crucial stakes – from important personal rights to multi-million dollar contract and property disputes.


GMSR’s lawyers understand the financial and emotional impact that litigation has on individuals. They pride themselves on their reputation for providing personalized service to all of their clients on a cost-effective basis.


Among many wins for its individual clients, GMSR has:

  • Confirmed an estate’s right to Bing Crosby’s right of publicity.
  • Reversed judgment requiring unlimited five-year lease renewals.
  • Affirmed enforceability of post-nuptial agreements.
  • Affirmed judgment against a studio for misallocating royalty income.
  • Reversed dismissal of a defamation claim against a national television network.
  • Reversed compensatory and punitive damages in a business tort suit and obtained an order for defense judgment, ending decade-long litigation.
  • Obtained a mandamus order directing the trial court to enter an order disqualifying a private judge from serving as a temporary judge in the Pitt/Jolie divorce proceeding.