A few legal “pain points” challenge every business and institution.  For frequent litigants, avoiding or limiting bad precedent on those points should be a consideration in every individual case.

Appellate litigation can also be an affirmative tool, when carefully managed and executed.  New or re-shaped law can eliminate obstacles to growth and improve bottom lines.

Consistent Appellate Strategy Improves Outcomes

GMSR’s partners have the deep experience and long-term outlook to help clients influence the law.  Two elements are key:

  • Consistent strategy and powerful execution in all appellate matters – because a published opinion can shape a litigant’s operations, budget and other cases for years to come, in multiple jurisdictions; and
  • Seamless collaboration with the client over time, whether through designated executives, in-house counsel, or other national coordinating counsel.

Less surprise and more leverage are just the beginning.

A Big-Picture View

Whether in California or nationwide, in state and federal court, GMSR helps clients identify favorable cases, jurisdictions, and moments to press for legal change.  And where opponents or co-counsel decide to pursue or defend an appeal for their own reasons, GMSR’s client will have the greatest achievable degree of control over briefing, argument and strategy.

It’s rarely about a single bet-the-company case.  Across a client’s range of related matters, year in and year out, GMSR’s appellate expertise helps remedy chronic legal problems that drain productivity, profit or effectiveness.


Especially in California – one of the world’s largest economies – law made by courts is a key factor in the business environment. GMSR helps clients change the weather.


A new tort precedent slashes an industrial client’s California litigation docket. A win in the U.S. Supreme Court stiffens the standards for imposing injunctive relief on a public entity in a federal civil rights action. Aggressive writ practice protects a foreign parent company from loose service-of-process, and deters further attempts.

All these and more illustrate GMSR’s impact, working together with committed clients, to improve their operating environment for the long term.