Jan 24, 2008 Civil Procedure
Moore v. County of Los Angeles (Jan. 24, 2008, B189274) 2008 WL 192294 [nonpublished opinion]

Plaintiff, an employee of the County, sued the County and several other employees on work-related claims. A jury found one of the individual defendants liable, but found he was not working within the scope of his employment, and rendered a verdict in favor of the County and other employees. Plaintiff appealed. Although the trial was 21 days long, she designated a reporter’s transcript that included only 4 days of trial testimony and the partial testimony of only six out of 22 witnesses, and failed to include opening statements or closing arguments or any evidence offered by the defendants.

District Two, Division Three, found that this was an insufficient record to review most of plaintiff’s contentions, and found no error on the record provided. The judgment was affirmed.

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