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601 Case Results

Waggoner v. Snow, Becker, Kroll, Klaris & Kraus, P.C. (9th Cir. 1993) 991 F.2d 1501

Attorneys’ duty to corporate officer who relied on corporations’ attorneys’ faulty legal advice


Rogalski v. Nabers Cadillac (1992) 11 Cal.App.4th 816

Insurer’s failure to provide defense in wrongful termination suit as ground to set aside default judgments

Thomas v. County of Los Angeles (9th Cir. 1992) 978 F.2d 504

Injunction against Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department regarding violation of its use of force policies


Bank of the West v. Superior Court (1992) 2 Cal.4th 1254

Interpretation of “advertising injury” coverage under general liability insurance policy (amicus curiae brief)

Central Pathology Service Medical Clinic, Inc. v. Superior Court (1992) 3 Cal.4th 181

MICRA punitive damages provisions apply to claimed intentional torts


Gorman v. City of Newport Beach (Aug. 31, 1992, G011663)

Contributory negligence of pedestrian struck by bicyclist whose bicycle suddenly slipped in sand negligently accumulated on repaired patch of public boardwalk


Gutierrez v. County of San Bernardino, 1992 Cal. LEXIS 2508

Civil rights violation and false imprisonment by deputy sheriff


Harper v. Farmers Insurance Exchange (1992, F016875)

Insurer’s lawyer’s testimony against insurer in bad faith case

Jacoves v. United Merchandising Corp. (1992) 5 Cal.App.4th 1318

Medical malpractice against hospital – negligence of physician imputed to hospital; duty to inform plaintiffs of remarks suggesting decedent son was contemplating suicide

George v. Internat. Society for Krishna Consciousness (1992) 3 Cal.App.4th 52

Mixed tort action based on alleged “brainwashing” of teenage plaintiff by ISKCON religious entities and officials