Dec 20, 2006 Marc J. Poster
Five-year dismissal of case reversed because it was impracticable to bring the case to trial

Gordon v. Maslan, (2006) Cal.App.Unpub. LEXIS 11452 (California Court of Appeal, Second District, Division Three (Los Angeles)) [unpublished]. Marc Poster convinced the Court of Appeal that it was improper for the trial court to dismiss GMSR’s client’s complaint for failure to bring to trial within

Dec 12, 2006 Martin Stein, Timothy T. Coates, Cynthia E. Tobisman
MTA is immune from liability for criminal acts by third parties against would-be bus passengers

Herzlich v. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority, (2006) Cal.App.Unpub. LEXIS 11117 (California Court of Appeal, Second District, Division Eight (Los Angeles)) [unpublished]. Cindy Tobisman, together with Marty Stein and Timothy Coates, obtained a ruling by the Court of Appeal that it was proper to

Nov 29, 2006 Marc J. Poster
Law firm must indemnify its former attorney for attorneys’ fees incurred in defending malpractice action

Cassady v. Morgan Lewis & Bockius, LLP, (2006) 145 Cal.App.4th 220 (California Court of Appeal, Second District, Division Three (Los Angeles)) [published]. Marc Poster secured this published victory for GMSR’s client, attorney Ralph Cassady. Cassady once worked for Morgan Lewis, and after he left the

Nov 13, 2006 Martin Stein, , Carolyn Oill
Ninth Circuit affirms summary judgment in civil rights case

Williams v. County of Los Angeles, (2006) U.S.App.LEXIS 28085 (United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit) [unpublished]. Lillie Hsu, Carolyn Oill and Marty Stein combined for this victory. A prisoner filed a section 1983 action, pro se, against the County of Los Angeles,

Nov 02, 2006 , Martin Stein
Age discrimination verdict against MTA is reversed

Fu v. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transp. Authority, (2006) Cal.App.Unpub. LEXIS 10028 (California Court of Appeal, Second District, Division Five (Los Angeles)) [unpublished]. Barbara Perry and Marty Stein secured a complete reversal here. The jury awarded the plaintiff $1,678,000 in damages, $57,961 in costs and

Dismissal of legal malpractice action affirmed

Shelden v. Grossman, (2006) Cal.App. Unpub. LEXIS 8805 (California Court of Appeal, Second District, Division Seven (Los Angeles)) [unpublished]. Ted Xanders and Robin Meadow were responsible for the victory in this legal malpractice/fraud action against a law firm. The plaintiff alleged that the firm had

Sep 25, 2006 Carolyn Oill, Martin Stein
Plaintiff’s appeal dismissed as untimely

Wang v. Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, (2006) Cal.App. Unpub. LEXIS 8459 (California Court of Appeal, First District, Division One (San Francisco)) [unpublished]. Carolyn Oill and Marty Stein represented GMSR’s client, a medical center. The plaintiff sued for allegedly “falsifying” her medical records. The trial

Attorney disqualification order reversed in first-impression case

Fremont Indemnity Co. v. Fremont General Corp. (2006) 143 Cal.App.4th 50 (California Court of Appeal, Second District, Division Three (Los Angeles)) [published]. Marc Poster and Kent Richland secured this victory. The Court of Appeal held that the trial court had erred in disqualifying GMSR’s client

Aug 23, 2006 , Robin Meadow
Court rebuffs attempt to expand elder abuse liability

Pagarigan v. Greater Valley, (2006) Cal.App. Unpub. LEXIS 7445 (California Court of Appeal, Second District, Division Seven (Los Angeles)) [unpublished]. Barbara Ravitz and Robin Meadow prevailed in this test case for expanding elder abuse liability beyond immediate caregivers. The Court of Appeal affirmed the dismissal

Appellant dismisses appeal after GMSR files its respondent’s brief

Zand v. Old Republic, Case No. G035874 (California Court of Appeal, Fourth District, Division Three (Santa Ana)). Cindy Tobisman and Robin Meadow won without even having to obtain a court decision. The plaintiff alleged that GMSR’s client, a title insurer, negligently concluded that his consent

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