GMSR has an enviable record of success on appeal. For your convenience, the firm has provided a simple search tool for guests and clients to search that record.

106 Case Results

Hedding-Kelton v. Madrigal (Nov. 1, 2023, C095876) 2023 WL 7175716

Court of Appeal reverses judgment, ordering Proposition 51 apportionment retrial

AIX Specialty Insurance Company v. Timed Out, LLC (Oct. 5, 2023, B320255) 2023 WL 6475087

Court of Appeal affirms summary judgment, holding that insurance policy does not cover infringement of models’ rights of publicity

Ivar v. Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. (Sept. 26, 2023, E078783) 2023 WL 6224689

Court of Appeal reverses order denying settlement enforcement and interprets settlement under CCP 998 in favor of GMSR’s clients

Inzunza et al. v. Naranjo et al. (2023) 94 Cal.App.5th 736

GMSR persuades Court of Appeal to set aside $7.619 million judgment against its client

LSI Corporation v. Gunnam et al. (May 22, 2023, H049521, H049523) 2023 WL 3577288

GMSR secures reversal of anti-SLAPP dismissal on the basis of circumstantial evidence


Joseph Bui

Rycz v. Superior Court of San Francisco County (2022) 81 Cal.App.5th 824

Reversing the trial court, the Court of Appeal holds that the increasing acceptance of remote testimony does not necessarily limit venue changes based on witness convenience

Coastline JX Holdings LLC v. Letwak & Bennett (May 16, 2022, G059646) 2022 WL 1534602

Court of Appeal reverses order setting aside default judgment

Ray v. State Farm Mutual Auto. Ins. Co. (9th Cir. Oct. 21, 2021, No. 20-55989) 2021 WL 4902357

Ninth Circuit affirms judgment, rejecting plaintiffs’ belated effort to change insurance bad faith theories

Carachure v. Scott (2021) 70 Cal.App.5th 16

Court of Appeal rejects plaintiff’s attempt to disavow $15,000 settlement so as to pursue a multi-million-dollar claim

Begley v. Delta Dental of California (Aug. 31, 2021, A159983) 2021 WL 3878844

Court affirms summary judgment for GMSR’s client on employment discrimination claims