GMSR has a stellar track record and reputation as writs and appeals attorneys. Below is a sample of recent wins for our clients.

Court of Appeal reverses denial of alter ego motion

Code of Civil Procedure section 187 permits trial courts to disregard the corporate shield by amending judgments to include alter egos of the original judgment debtor.  Invoking section 187, GMSR’s client moved to add two individuals to a judgment against the individuals’ LLCs.  The trial

Court of Appeal reverses custody order barring GMSR client from contacting her children while they attend an intensive family reunification program

A family law judge ordered that a father was permitted to enroll himself and his two teenage children in “a week-long program such as Family Bridges.”  Purporting to merely “implement” this order, father asked the court to order the children to attend Family Bridges, which

Court of Appeal affirms judgment for GMSR’s client, ordering enforcement of its Beverly Hills ground lease through 2102

In 2003, GMSR’s client purchased the ground lease of a prime Beverly Hills commercial property.  The lease was set to expire in 2058, but after a few years the landlord agreed to extend it through 2123, in return for a $1.5 million up-front payment. Ten

GMSR gets summary judgment reversed for bank seeking insurance coverage of forgery loss

GMSR’s client, a bank, issued a sizable loan, relying for collateral on the borrower’s trust account at another bank.  To secure the loan, the borrower provided an Account Control Agreement that gave GMSR’s client control over the other bank account in case of default.  The

GMSR secures affirmance of summary judgment for vacation-rental owners

GMSR’s clients own a rental home in the Palm Springs area.  Two weeks into a stay at the home, the renters’ 12-year old child was injured when she walked full-speed into a sliding glass door dating back to 1958.  The renters sued GMSR’s clients, alleging

GMSR secures reinstatement of client’s fraudulent inducement claims

Owners of a Nissan Sentra sued Nissan, alleging that Nissan fraudulently induced them to buy their car by concealing the fact that the transmissions in the Sentras were defective.  The trial court sustained Nissan’s demurrer based on the “economic loss rule,” which bars certain tort

GMSR secures split in authority before the California Supreme Court weighs in: Court of Appeal agrees with GMSR that manufacturers are not entitled to offsets for a car consumer’s resale of a “lemon”

The Song-Beverly Act requires car manufacturers to promptly buy back defective cars without the consumer having to sue.  Consumer advocates have long argued that manufacturers may not offset damages for amounts that plaintiffs are credited when they sell or trade in a defective car under

GMSR’s writ petition, filed on behalf of its medical group client, persuades Court of Appeal to intervene in discovery dispute

California Evidence Code section 1157 shields from civil discovery the records and proceedings of medical peer review committees.  Based on this shield, a medical group facing a negligent hiring suit objected to several discovery requests that called for peer-review-related material.  The trial court overruled the

Court of Appeal reaffirms that businesses with perpendicular parking generally have no duty to protect against curb-jumping vehicles

Plaintiff was injured when a mall patron pulling into a parking space perpendicular to the curb pressed the accelerator instead of the brake, causing the vehicle to jump a concrete wheel-stop and the curb.  The Court of Appeal affirmed summary judgment for GMSR’s client, the

Court of Appeal reverses order permitting statutory buyout of GMSR client’s interest in an LLC

GMSR’s clients own a combined 50% interest in a limited liability company (LLC).  Following years of dissension with the holders of the remaining 50% interest, one of GMSR’s clients sued for a decree of judicial dissolution.  The holders of the opposing 50% interest filed a

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