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GMSR’s client prevails in a published decision that comprehensively analyzes the governing principles and application of the parol evidence rule

In negotiations over the defendants’ purchase of the client’s family business, the client agreed to accept, as part of the purchase price, $2.5 million in stock of one of the acquiring companies—but he required that the defendants agree to redeem the stock at a fixed

Court of Appeal holds that spouse’s shares in corporation are separate property because acquired by gift

In a marital dissolution action, the husband argued that the wife’s shares in a corporation she co-owned with her father were community property because the wife, GMSR’s client, acquired them during marriage and a corporate document stated that she had provided half of the consideration

Court of Appeal affirms jury verdict for GMSR’s movie theater client

Martinez v. The Decurion Corp. (unpublished, 2d Civ. B270616):  A moviegoer tripped over a bench after being evacuated from a movie theater whose fire alarm was triggered by burnt popcorn.  The moviegoer sued the theater, GMSR’s client, for negligence.  She asserted several negligence theories, including

Court of Appeal affirms judgment for GMSR’s client in real estate dispute

Prometheus Real Estate Group, Inc. v. Marazzo, et al. (unpublished, 1st Civ. A143364):  Prometheus, a real estate developer, entered into an agreement with GMSR’s property-owner client that contemplated a residential development in Mountain View on the client’s property. Prometheus sued the property owner for breach

GMSR obtains reversal of order denying its client’s arbitration petition

Advanced Air Management, Inc. v. Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, California Court of Appeal, Second District, Division Seven (Sept. 6, 2017, No. B265723, unpublished).  After GMSR’s client, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, performed maintenance on a business jet, the jet’s charter operator sued for breach of contract and negligence.  

Aug 04, 2017 Martin Stein, Carolyn Oill Healthcare Law
Court of Appeal affirms summary judgment in favor of GMSR’s client in medical malpractice case.

Topete v. Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region (unpublished, 3rd Civ. C074716):  Plaintiff brought a medical malpractice action against GMSR’s client, Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region, and several individual physicians.  She sought to hold Sutter Health liable for negligent hiring or retention of one of the

Court of Appeal strikes punitive damage claim against employer of truck driver

CRST, Inc. v. Superior Court, California Court of Appeal, Second District, Division Four [published] Plaintiff sued the employer of a truck driver for negligent hiring/retention and sought punitive damages.  The trial court refused to strike the punitive damages allegations, but the Court of Appeal granted

GMSR successfully defends nurses and Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy in summary judgment appeal arising from jail death

The Ninth Circuit today affirmed summary judgment in favor of GMSR’s clients—the County of Los Angeles and a group of its employees—who were accused of deliberate indifference to a jailed patient’s medical needs.  The trial court found that the plaintiffs failed to produce evidence to

GMSR Successfully Defends Judgment For Husband In Wife’s Challenge To His Accounting For Marital Property Worth Tens Of Millions Of Dollars

After nearly three decades of marriage, husband (GMSR’s client) obtained dissolution. Wife, a former successful international banking and finance lawyer at a major law firm, claimed that during the marriage, husband, also a successful lawyer, hid marital assets worth millions of dollars. After a lengthy

The Ninth Circuit Holds That The ADA Does Not Preempt A City’s State-Law Contribution Claims Against Designers And Builders Of Deficient Public Facilities

City of Los Angeles v. AECOM Services, Inc. (April 24, 2017, Ninth Circuit No. 15-56606)  __ F.3d __,  2017 WL 1431084.  This landmark preemption decision will benefit municipalities across the country.  Two disabled persons sued GMSR’s client, the City of Los Angeles, under Title II

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