GMSR has a stellar track record and reputation as writs and appeals attorneys. Below is a sample of recent wins for our clients.

Court of Appeal affirms that a homeowner’s non-specific request to an insurance agent to cover “everything in the house” creates no duty requiring the agent to advise the insured about the inadequacy of their jewelry coverage

A homeowner sought insurance coverage for his $9.5 million home in Los Angeles.  He advised an insurance agent for Fire Insurance Exchange that he wanted a policy that covered “everything in the house, fully and completely.”  The agent said “okay.”  Fire issued a homeowner’s policy

Court of Appeal affirms summary judgment, holding that insurance policy does not cover infringement of models’ rights of publicity

GMSR’s insurer client issued a commercial general liability (CGL) policy to a nightclub.  Club employees obtained various models’ photographs and used them in social media posts promoting the club.  The models’ rights-management company sued the club, alleging that it had used the photographs without permission

GMSR defeats entertainment company’s novel appeal for pandemic coverage

Endeavor Operating Co., a media and entertainment producer, sued its commercial property insurer for coverage of losses it experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Endeavor argued that governmental restrictions on its ability to use venues, and property damage supposedly caused at unnamed venues by the virus

Ninth Circuit affirms dismissal of hotel’s property insurance claim for pandemic-related business losses

HT-Seattle, operator of a large Seattle-area hotel and conference center, suffered business losses during the COVID-19 pandemic. HT-Seattle sued its property insurer (GMSR’s client) to cover these losses, claiming that the presence of COVID-19 virus at the hotel constituted “direct physical loss or damage” to

Court of Appeal affirms dismissal of movie theater’s property insurance claim for pandemic-related business losses

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Starlight Cinemas suffered business losses as a result of government closure orders and reduced ticket and concession sales.  Starlight sued its property insurer (GMSR’s client) to cover these losses, claiming the closures and reduced attendance constituted “direct physical loss” to its

GMSR notches another appellate win in high-stakes COVID insurance litigation

Plaintiff In-N-Out Burgers sought coverage from its property insurer for losses it argued were sustained as a result of the COVID-19 virus.  Like dozens of other unsuccessful COVID-19-era lawsuits against insurance carriers, it argued there was “direct physical loss of or damage” to its property

GMSR gets summary judgment reversed for bank seeking insurance coverage of forgery loss

GMSR’s client, a bank, issued a sizable loan, relying for collateral on the borrower’s trust account at another bank.  To secure the loan, the borrower provided an Account Control Agreement that gave GMSR’s client control over the other bank account in case of default.  The

The Ninth Circuit affirms dismissal of Covid-related insurance coverage suit against GMSR’s client based on policy’s exclusions

A California-based healthcare facility operator sued its insurance carrier after the carrier denied coverage for the facility’s alleged Covid-19-related losses.  Like dozens of other unsuccessful Covid-19-era lawsuits against insurance carriers, it alleged “direct physical loss of or damage” to its property from the presence of

Court of Appeal Affirms Judgment For GMSR Client, Making New Law On The Interplay Of Two Statutes

Following a fender-bender, plaintiff was treated for minor injuries covered by workers’ compensation insurance.  Plaintiff nevertheless sued the other driver’s employer (GMSR’s client) for millions of dollars, and rejected a Code of Civil Procedure section 998 settlement offer.  The jury awarded plaintiff less than the

Ninth Circuit Affirms Judgment, Rejecting Plaintiffs’ Belated Effort To Change Insurance Bad Faith Theories

Plaintiffs injured in a car accident obtained an assignment of the at-fault driver’s rights and sued the driver’s insurance carrier for bad faith.  They alleged that they had sent the carrier a settlement demand letter, but the carrier failed to timely accept.  The carrier moved

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