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Tips: Critical New Trial Motion Deadlines, Daily Journal (February 27, 2017)

There are many deadlines to keep track of when moving for a new trial.  Which ones are jurisdictional, such that missing them will automatically result in the Court of Appeal reversing the grant of a new trial?  Laurie Hepler and Alana Rotter provide an overview

Nov 30, 2016 Alana H. Rotter
Discovery Sanctions Appeals Can Be Tricky Business, Los Angeles Daily Journal (November 30, 2016)

An order imposing a discovery sanction of more than $5,000 is immediately appealable; an order imposing a sanction below that amount is not.  But what about an order that imposes multiple sanctions, each of which is less than $5,000, but which collectively total more than

Oct 06, 2016 Alana H. Rotter
No Reporter’s Transcript? Here’s What It Means For Your Appeal, Verdict Magazine (Vol. 2, 2016)

Failing to provide a reporter’s transcript of all relevant trial court proceedings can sink an appeal, because without a transcript, the Court of Appeal will presume that the record supports the challenged order or judgment.  In the most recent issue of the Association of Southern

Alana H. Rotter and Gary J. Wax selected to the Super Lawyers Southern California Rising Stars list

GMSR congratulates Alana H. Rotter and Gary J. Wax for their dedication to appellate law and on being selected to the Super Lawyers Southern California Rising Stars list. No more than 2.5 percent of the lawyers in the state are selected for this honor. Gary

Jan 19, 2016 Alana H. Rotter
Alana Rotter to offer tips on getting an appeal dismissed at January 19 MCLE program

On January 19, 2016, Alana Rotter and a co-presenter will discuss strategies for getting an appeal dismissed and practices for seeking and opposing dismissal. The program, which will be in Century City, includes lunch and qualifies for 1 hour of MCLE credit. For additional information,

Jan 13, 2016 Alana H. Rotter
Alana Rotter discusses two new decisions on calculating key post-trial and appellate deadlines in a front-page Daily Journal guest column

California courts have the power to extend some deadlines for filing documents or deciding motions, but others are firm – courts cannot extend them, and the failure to comply with them deprives the court of jurisdiction to rule. Deciding a matter of first impression, Garibotti

Mar 25, 2015 Alana H. Rotter
Lessons from appeals of nonappealable ‘judgments’, Los Angeles Daily Journal (March 25, 2015)

California Code of Civil Procedure section 904.1 permits appeals from final judgments, but not from most interlocutory judgments. In the Daily Journal, Alana Rotter explains how to determine whether a judgment is final for appellate purposes and discusses a recent California Court of Appeal decision

Jan 05, 2015 Alana H. Rotter
In a January 5, 2015 Daily Journal article, Alana Rotter offers guidance on when to appeal from an arbitration-related court order

Although arbitration is supposed to be an alternative to the judicial system, it can involve numerous trips to court—judges may be asked to decide issues ranging from whether a dispute is arbitrable to whether a final award is valid. Some of the resulting orders are

Sep 11, 2014 Alana H. Rotter
Maximize the Impact of Amicus Support, Los Angeles Daily Journal (September 11, 2014)

Amicus support can be a powerful tool when it is deployed effectively. In the Daily Journal, Alana Rotter describes at what stages amici should consider weighing in, the types of arguments that do and don’t belong in an amicus brief, and the governing procedural rules.

Apr 18, 2014 Alana H. Rotter
Ruling Provides Guidance on Notice of Appeal, Los Angeles Daily Journal (April 18, 2014)

Los Angeles Daily Journal (April 18, 2014) Filing a timely notice of appeal is critical: If you miss the deadline, the Court of Appeal will dismiss your appeal without ever considering the merits. In the Daily Journal, Alana Rotter describes how to calculate when a

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