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Clients regularly turn to GMSR’s appellate lawyers for help resolving thorny labor and employment issues.  The firm has prevailed in the U.S. Supreme Court on a significant issue of workplace privacy and in the California Supreme Court on issues pertaining to non-competition agreements; successfully handled appeals in wage-and-hour class actions, wrongful termination, and discrimination suits; and obtained dismissals of employees’ suits on procedural grounds.

GMSR secures reversal of anti-SLAPP dismissal on the basis of circumstantial evidence

GMSR’s client, Broadcom subsidiary LSI Corporation, sued a former employee for breaching a confidentiality agreement.  Among other things, LSI alleged that the employee disclosed LSI’s confidential information to his wife’s company by retaining LSI’s confidential material when he left LSI, and then posting that information

LSI Corporation v. Gunnam et al. (May 22, 2023, H049521, H049523) 2023 WL 3577288 [nonpublished opinion]

GMSR secures reversal of anti-SLAPP dismissal on the basis of circumstantial evidence

Mar 14, 2022 Related Cases
Hiraishi v. DeLeon et al. (Mar. 14, 2022, B310395) 2022 WL 761930 [nonpublished opinion]

Court of Appeal affirms dismissal of employment harassment suit against GMSR’s clients

Mar 14, 2022 Related Cases
Court of Appeal Affirms Dismissal Of Employment Harassment Suit Against GMSR’s Clients 

A high school teacher brought FEHA claims against two school administrators, alleging (1) the principal engaged in gender harassment by granting male teachers work assignments and resources that she would have preferred over her own; and (2) the superintendent failed to investigate plaintiff’s ongoing complaints,

Begley v. Delta Dental of California (Aug. 31, 2021, A159983) 2021 WL 3878844 [nonpublished opinion]

Court affirms summary judgment for GMSR’s client on employment discrimination claims

Court Affirms Summary Judgment For GMSR’s Client On Employment Discrimination Claims

Delta Dental laid off 33 employees as part of a reorganization. One sued, alleging pregnancy discrimination and retaliation. The trial court granted summary judgment for Delta, and GMSR secured an affirmance on appeal. Agreeing with GMSR’s position, the Court of Appeal held that Delta established

Jul 24, 2021 Tina Kuang
Too Many Remedies or Not Enough: Balancing Wage Theft and Other Public Policy Concerns in Voris v. Lampert, 54 Loy. L.A. L. Rev. 881 (2021)

In a five to two decision, the California Supreme Court in Voris v. Lampert, 446 P.3d 284 (Cal. 2019) held there could be no tort conversion claim based on the nonpayment of wages.  In doing so, the majority opinion distinguished the conversion of unpaid wages

Slaight v. Tata Consultancy Services (9th Cir. 2021) 842 Fed.Appx. 66

GMSR wins Ninth Circuit affirmance in closely watched Title VII class action

GMSR Wins Ninth Circuit Affirmance In Closely Watched Title VII Class Action

Tata Consultancy Services, a global IT company headquartered in India, went to trial in 2018 against a class of plaintiffs claiming discriminatory termination. The plaintiffs said the company had a “pattern or practice” of intentionally discriminating against non-South Asian workers due to their race or

Lopez v. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Dec. 14, 2020, B296598) 2020 WL 7332045 [nonpublished opinion]

GMSR wins affirmance of summary judgment for employer on disability discrimination claims

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