GMSR Secures Win For Its Public Utility Client: Court Of Appeal Affirms Summary Judgment

A construction worker was electrocuted when his crewmember moved the aerial lift basket he was riding in close to a 60-foot power line owned by GMSR’s client, Southern California Edison.  The construction worker sued, alleging that Edison had negligently failed to remove or de-energize the line before the construction work began.  The trial court granted Edison’s motion for summary judgment, agreeing with Edison that its power line was properly isolated well above the roadways below, and that undisputed evidence established that Edison did not know that the work would be happening, that the work posed a potential danger to workers, or that the work would involve the use of an aerial lift.  The Court of Appeal affirmed, agreeing with GMSR’s arguments that Edison had negated breach of its duty to protect against reasonably foreseeable accidents.

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