GMSR has an enviable record of success on appeal.  For your convenience, the firm has provided a simple search tool for guests and clients to search that record.

515 Case Results

Los Angeles County Bd. of Supervisors v. Superior Court (2016) 2 Cal.5th 282

In a 4-3 decision in Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors v. Superior Court (ACLU) the California Supreme Court agreed with GMSR’s client in holding that everything in attorney invoices in pending cases, including aggregate amounts charged to a client, are protected by the attorney client

Malbrue v. Cty. of Los Angeles (Dec. 14, 2016, B264115) [2016 Cal. App. Unpub. LEXIS 8977]

Plaintiff sued for the wrongful death of his father who died while in police custody.  The court granted summary judgment for GMSR’s client, the County of Los Angeles, after plaintiff failed timely to introduce an expert declaration in opposition to the motion.  Plaintiff filed a

Rice v. Downs (2016) 247 Cal.App.4th 1213

An LLC member brought suit alleging that another member (an attorney) had breached his fiduciary duty and committed legal malpractice.  The trial court ordered those claims to arbitration pursuant to an arbitration provision in the LLC’s operating agreement, which required arbitration of all claims “arising out of”

Santa Clarita Organization for Planning & Environment v. Castaic Lake Water Agency (2016) 1 Cal.App.5th 1084.

In a published opinion, Division 2 of the Second DCA upheld the right of GMSR’s client, the Castaic Lake Water Agency, to acquire all of the stock of a privately held water company via inverse condemnation, and rejected the contention that the transaction violated various

Michelson v. Proskauer Rose, LLP (June 24, 2016, B259013) [2016 Cal. App. Unpub. LEXIS 4701]

GMSR’s client sued a law firm for fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and legal malpractice, based upon the firm’s issuance of opinion letters regarding purportedly tax-advantaged investments that the Internal Revenue Service later determined were illegal. GMSR’s client asserted the attorney-client privilege as to his

Figueroa v. County of Los Angeles (9th Cir. 2016) 651 Fed.Appx. 709

In an action alleging excessive force arising out of an incident in the Visitor’s Center of the Men’s Central Jail, the Ninth Circuit vacated a default judgment against one of two GMSR clients involved in the appellate proceedings, a supervising sergeant, and vacated the attorney

City of Petaluma v. Superior Court (2016) 248 Cal.App.4th 1023

The Court of Appeal issued a peremptory writ of mandate in favor of GMSR’s client, the City of Petaluma, directing the trial court to vacate a discovery order. The trial court had granted plaintiff’s motion to compel discovery of materials relating to a prelitigation investigation

Grant v. Foster Wheeler, LLC (Me. 2016) 140 A.3d 1242

Announcing new law in Maine, the court affirmed summary judgment for GMSR’s client Warren Pumps, LLC, and other manufacturers on whose behalf we briefed the key issues. Maine’s highest court set three proof standards, rejecting attempts to evade summary judgment with less precise evidence. First,

Martinez v. Southern California Edison Company (May 5, 2016, G051029) [2013 Cal. App. Unpub. LEXIS 5942]

The plaintiff was injured while trimming trees and sued GMSR’s client, Southern California Edison, and one of Edison’s subcontractors. When the subcontractor’s default was entered, the plaintiff settled with Edison, but he retained the right to rescind the settlement if the Court of Appeal set

Murphy v. Richardson (Mar. 8, 2016, D067245) [2016 Cal. App. Unpub. LEXIS 1732]

Plaintiff sued a religious sober-living home where he resided, for injuries he suffered in a car accident when a home employee was driving him to apply for a state identification card. The trial court granted summary judgment for the home based on a liability waiver