GMSR has an enviable record of success on appeal. For your convenience, the firm has provided a simple search tool for guests and clients to search that record.

82 Case Results

First Motor Group of Encino, LLC et al. v. Encino Motorcars, LLC et al. (Mar. 10, 2023, B303094) 2023 WL 2445641 [nonpublished opinion]

Court of Appeal affirms defense verdict in $40 million case alleging false financial statements, finding no prejudice from claimed instructional error

JPV I, L.P. v. Koetting (2023) 304 Cal.App.5th 550

Court of Appeal reverses denial of alter ego motion

Tufeld Corporation v. Beverly Hills Gateway, L.P. (2022) 86 Cal.App.5th 12

Court of Appeal affirms judgment for GMSR’s client, ordering enforcement of its Beverly Hills ground lease through 2102

Friend of Camden, Inc. et al. v. Brandt (2022) 81 Cal.App.5th 1054

Court of Appeal reverses order permitting statutory buyout of GMSR client’s interest in an LLC

Foxcroft Productions, Inc. v. Universal City Studios, LLC (2022) 76 Cal.App.5th 1119

On behalf of Columbo creators, GMSR persuades Court of Appeal to reinstate a fraud claim and keep alive a breach of contract claim involving Universal Studios’ failure to pay tens of millions in royalties

Baral v. Schnitt (Jan. 28, 2022, B298050) 2022 WL 263108 [nonpublished opinion]

Court of Appeal reverses $3.5 million jury award and JNOV denial, ordering entry of judgment for GMSR’s client

In re Castlepoint National Ins. Co. (2021) 65 Cal.App.5th 668

Court of Appeal revives GMSR’s clients’ $200 million claims

3500 Sepulveda, LLC v. Macy’s West Stores, Inc. (9th Cir. 2020) 980 F.3d 1317

In published opinion, Ninth Circuit revives building owners’ easement complaint previously dismissed on summary judgment

Ixchel Pharma, LLC v. Biogen, Inc. (2020) 9 Cal.5th 1130

GMSR wins landmark decision on unfair competition, tortious interference with contract

8451 Melrose Property, LLC v. Akhtarzad (May 28, 2020, B288963) 2020 WL 2765575 [nonpublished opinion]

Plaintiff sued Defendant for breach of a commercial lease.  Defendant argued the lease was unenforceable because it required he occupy an unlawful building and use it for an illegal purpose.  His defense was premised on a theory that a portion of the building’s second story