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Journal Of The California Association Of Certified Family Law Specialists Features Article On Full Disclosure By GMSR Appellate Lawyers Bob Olson And Jeff Raskin

Is private judging soon to be a thing of the past in a post-Jolie v. Superior Court world? This article will discuss how one private judge’s ethical breach could remake private judging as we know it; why the system needs a functioning, above-board private judging alternative; and how the lessons learned in Jolie could lead to a better, more transparent, alternate means to resolve family law matters.

GMSR Appellate Lawyers Bob Olson and Jeff Raskin represented Angelina Jolie when the Court of Appeal ruled in her favor, holding that a private judge violated a continuing obligation to disclose new matters involving counsel representing Jolie’s ex-husband Brad Pitt.

To read the article, originally published in the Fall 2021 edition of the ACFLS Family Law Specialist, click here.