Jul 07, 2021
When is the deadline to appeal?

California:  With certain exceptions, in unlimited civil cases (involving an amount over $25,000), the general rule is the first to occur of one of these events:

(1) 60 days after a party serves a “notice of entry of judgment” or appealable order;

(2) 60 days after the Superior Court clerk serves the party appealing with a “notice of entry of judgment” or appealable order; or

(3) 180 days after entry of judgment or appealable order.

Unlike most other date-of-service based deadlines, the clock starts running on the date of service, with no extension for mailing.  Electronic service is effective at the time the document is electronically transmitted or at the time the document’s electronic service notification is sent.

Federal:  With certain exceptions, the deadline to appeal is 30 days after entry of the judgment or order appealed from.