In re Marriage of Jones (Jan. 10, 2014, No. G047724) 2014 WL 92790 [nonpublished opinion]

Wife petitioned to dissolve her marriage to husband, GMSR’s client. Husband wanted to remarry, but the dissolution proceedings bogged down in disputes over financial matters. The trial court granted a “status only” judgment dissolving the marriage pending resolution of financial matters, imposing numerous conditions to protect the wife’s financial interests, if any, affected by dissolution before final judgment. Wife appealed the “status only” judgment, claiming a need for additional conditions including a $10 million security deposit and waiver of marital and privacy rights by the husband and his new spouse. The appeal stayed dissolution and would have barred the husband’s remarriage. On GMSR’s petition, the Court of Appeal lifted the stay, permitting the client to remarry. The Court of Appeal later affirmed the “status only” judgment in full, agreeing with GMSR that none of the additional conditions were required.

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