Appellate Insights

May 27, 2020 Laurie J. Hepler
A Moment of Gratitude

Two months ago, COVID-19 closed most of California’s civil court system—the largest in the world.  And nearly all courts remain shuttered except for true emergencies.

But there is one major exception: the appellate courts.  Their work does not require large gatherings, and most of it can be done remotely, albeit with challenges.  California’s six appellate districts have:

  • Continued processing and deciding appeals,
  • Adopted remote oral argument procedures that are improving each week, and
  • Done their best to answer questions via email (few clerks are available by phone).

►  The message:  We are thankful that California’s appellate judiciary is operational and working hard to serve litigants.  And we know our trial courts are striving to determine how and when they too can return to full public service.  (Sometimes ASIC takes a break from the strictly “practical,” and now is a good time.)