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523 Case Results

Honda Motor Co. v. Salzman (Alaska 1988) 751 P.2d 489

Terminating discovery sanctions against corporate defendant

Truck Insurance Exchange v. Superior Court (1987, A037331)

Writ proceeding exploring insurer’s duties in case of conflicting interests between named and additional insureds

Bombel v. Orthopedic & Surgical Assoc. Med. Group (May 15, 1986, B008566)

Medical malpractice – discovery, res ipsa loquitur and causation

Preston v. Family Health Program (1986, G001199)

Whether noneconomic damages in arbitration award could exceed $250,000

Carlile v. Farmers Insurance Exchange (1985) 173 Cal.App.3d 975

Insurer’s duties when insured resists settlement

Isbister v. Boys’ Club of Santa Cruz, Inc. (1985) 40 Cal.3d 72

Unruh Civil Rights Act applies to a private Boys Club

Windscheffel v. Juarez (May 30, 1985, B002441)

Business dispute – contractual interpretation and evidentiary issues

Aguilar v. Los Angeles County (9th Cir. 1985) 751 F.2d 1089

Injured child was an indispensable party whose joinder destroyed diversity


Barme v. Wood (1984) 37 Cal.3d 174

Constitutionality of MICRA statutes


Karlin v. Zalta (1984) 154 Cal.App.3d 953

Exhaustion of administrative remedies