California Supreme Court Watch

Dec 22, 2021
County of Fresno v. Superior Court, S271230.

#21-570 County of Fresno v. Superior Court, S271230. (F083111; nonpublished opinion; Fresno County Superior Court; 18CECG00954.) Petition for review after the Court of Appeal denied a petition for writ of mandate in a civil action. The court ordered briefing deferred pending decision in Tansavatdi v. City of Rancho Palos Verdes, S267453 (#21-185), which presents the following issue: Can a public entity be held liable under Government Code section 830.8 for failure to warn of an allegedly dangerous design of public property if the design itself is entitled to immunity under Government Code section 830.6?

Review granted; briefing deferred: 12/22/2021

Dismissed and remanded to CA 5: 8/09/2023