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Litigation involving trusts, probate, and the interpretation of wills often presents complex substantive and procedural issues. GMSR has successfully navigated these issues on appeal, obtaining a significant U.S. Supreme Court win regarding the scope of the “probate exception” to federal jurisdiction, a California Supreme Court win regarding a trustee’s attorney-client privilege, and numerous Court of Appeal wins involving breaches of fiduciary duty and the interpretation of wills.
Probate and Trusts Cases by Kent L. Richland
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Marshall v. Marshall (2006) 547 U.S. 293; 126 S.Ct. 1735; 164 L.Ed.2d 480
Claims based on interference with an inter vivos trust do not fall within the “probate” exception to federal jurisdiction
Kent L. RichlandAlan DiamondEdward L. Xanders

Moeller v. Superior Court (1997) 16 Cal.4th 1124
Attorney-client privilege not binding on a successor trustee
Kent L. RichlandCarolyn Oill

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