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We represent insurers, hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers in the full range of claims facing them. Issues that we have successfully handled on appeal include claims of malpractice, elder abuse, termination of physician staff privileges, and healthcare service plan regulation.
Healthcare Law Cases by Kent L. Richland
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Chosak v. Alameda County Medical Center (2007) 153 Cal.App.4th 549
Whether medical student is a “health care provider” for purposes of the MICRA statute of limitations
Kent L. RichlandCarolyn Oill

Salgado v. County of Los Angeles (1998) 19 Cal.4th 629
Medical malpractice – periodic payment issues under MICRA
Martin SteinKent L. RichlandFeris M. Greenberger

Wesson v. Bloom (1995, B063555)
Medical malpractice – instructional error and evidentiary issues
Kent L. RichlandFeris M. Greenberger

Jacoves v. United Merchandising Corp, et al. (1992) 5 Cal.App.4th 1318
Medical malpractice against hospital – negligence of physician imputed to hospital; duty to inform plaintiffs of remarks suggesting decedent son was contemplating suicide
Kent L. RichlandFeris M. Greenberger

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