GMSR: Greines, Martin, Stein & Richland LLP


5900 Wilshire Boulevard, 12th Floor
Los Angeles, California 90036
+1 310 859 7811
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All of our lawyers are intimately familiar with the appellate process, have excellent writing skills and, perhaps most important, have demonstrated the capacity to deal creatively with complicated appellate issues.
Timothy T. Coates
Alan Diamond
Jonathan H. Eisenman
Feris M. Greenberger
Irving H. Greines (Retired)
David E. Hackett
Laurie J. Hepler
Robin Meadow
Carolyn Oill
      Robert A. Olson
Marc J. Poster
Jeffrey E. Raskin
Kent L. Richland
Alana H. Rotter
Martin Stein
Cynthia E. Tobisman
Alison M. Turner
Gary J. Wax
Edward L. Xanders
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