Leadership and Involvement

GMSR’s appellate lawyers are involved in numerous professional and community organizations.  Not content with passive membership, they regularly demonstrate the depth of their commitment by making the multi-year investment of time it typically requires to assume leadership positions such as committee chairs and organization presidents.


California Judicial Council
  • Appellate Advisory Committee: Kent Richland
  • Appellate Advisory Committee, Appellate Electronic Filing Workgroup: Robin Meadow
  • Civil and Small Claims Advisory Committee: Robert Olson
California Supreme Court Historical Society Board of Trustees
  • Kent Richland (Past President)
State Bar Appellate Law Advisory Commission
  • Laurie Hepler
Second Appellate District Mediation Program
  • Steering Committee, Mediation Training: Robin Meadow
  • Mediators: Robin Meadow, Marc Poster, Kent Richland
Second Appellate District Pro Bono Program
  • Steering Committee: Robin Meadow
Fourth Appellate District Volunteer Settlement Program
  • Settlement Officer: Tim Coates
American Academy of Appellate Lawyers
  • Kent Richland
  • Robin Meadow
  • Robert Olson
  • Marc Poster
California Academy of Appellate Lawyers
  • Kent Richland (Past President)
  • Marc Poster (Past President)
  • Robin Meadow (Past President)
  • Robert Olson (Past President)
  • Laurie Hepler

Bar Associations

Association of Southern California Defense Counsel
  • Robert Olson (Past President)
  • Ted Xanders (Co-Chair, Amicus Committee)
Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • Robin Meadow (Past President; Chair, Appellate Courts, Audit & Finance, Judicial Elections Evaluation, Arbitration and Juvenile Justice Committees)
  • Kent Richland (Trustee; Chair, Appellate Courts, State Appellate Judicial Evaluation, Judicial Appointments and California Judicial Systems Committees)
  • Tim Coates (Appellate Courts Committee)
  • Alana Rotter (Appellate Courts Section)
  • Marc Poster (Chair, Appellate Courts Committee, State Appellate Judicial Evaluation Committee)
Beverly Hills Bar Association
  • Marc Poster (Past President; Second Vice-President; Chair, Amicus Briefs Committee)
  • Cindy Tobisman (Board of Governors; Co-Chair, Amicus Briefs Committee)
  • Alana Rotter (Co-Chair, Amicus Briefs Committee)
American Bar Association
  • Tim Coates (State and Local Government Law Section, Government Operations and Liability Committee, Civil Rights/First Amendment Liability Subcommittee)
  • Robin Meadow (Litigation Section; Appellate Advocacy Committee of the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section)
  • Marc Poster (Vice-Chair, Appellate Advocacy Committee of the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section)
  • Feris Greenberger (Appellate Advocacy Committee of the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section)
Federal Bar Association
  • Timothy Coates (Appellate Practice Section)
American Civil Liberties Union/ACLU Foundation of Southern California
  • Robin Meadow (Board of Directors)
Public Counsel
  • Robin Meadow (Past President)
UCLA School of Law
  • Feris Greenberger (Dean’s Circle; Small and Midsize Law Firm Reception, various law school alumni and clinical programs)
Southwestern University School of Law
  • Kent Richland (Adjunct Professor, Appellate Advocacy)
Hastings School of Law
  • Kent Richland (Board of Advisors of the Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly)